by Toxikith

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released August 21, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Toxikith Baywood Los Osos, California

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Track Name: Kill the Pharaoh
I have crossed the sacred path
All my love is turned to wrath

Now I hunt him
In his sanctum
Cloaked in shadow
Kill the Pharaoh

All my life I work for him
Tolerance is wearing thin

For my time, you will die, slowly
All things must end
Hear my prayer, God
Out with old, in with new
A better way of life
You can’t hold me anymore

Toiling from the morning rise
Not the way I’ll live my life
Track Name: RDCD
I can hear the rumbling
I can feel the hot winds blow
I came here ‘cause I’m hungry
Process bodies for my daily bread

Recycle your dead

Don’t abuse the unit
Always carefully type the command
It must be perfection
You try to wank but you’ll have blood on your hands
Track Name: For Right or for Wrong
Hear commander shouting your name
Know the coward lives to die in shame
Find your lion’s heart deep inside
Start the charge, now it’s time to die

I want you to join my forces
I want you to suffer long
I want you to fight my battles
Whether for right or for wrong

Know your brothers, only family
Think how they think and all will think like me
Here’s a rifle, clean it well. There’s many like it but this one’s yours
It’s the tool with which you’ll fight this war

Alpha 1, go go go
Bravo team, 3 men down
Charlie maintain radio silence
Delta squad is going dark

Find your peace and shut it all away
It’s time for war, you have to make them pay
They’re not human, not like you, know just what you need to do
Kill them all before they can kill you
Track Name: Another Child
She’d learned her place, my angel
My little girl
Not yet a woman
Rightly she’d never be

Hail to the Gods
Our savior idols
Everything we owe to them
We know our faith will be rewarded
Sacrifice another child

We knew our place in the world
Puppets of divine
Some sanctity of life
We all must serve in death

My heart tells me you’re wrong
Gods would not kill
My final offering
Now I must take the dive
Track Name: Spirits
Here in this field of stones you’ll walk
Power of the souls below your feet surrounding you
Unlocking doors inside your mind
Discover rest and solitude

You’ll find it’s not how they told you
Leave this cold unfeeling world
Your fire’s burning without you
You’ll find it’s not how they told you

No perfect songs of love and grace
No castles perched upon the clouds, I promise you
A great adventure for us all
Scared and excited, what to do?

The air is rushing fast around your head
Caught in the wind you feel alive at last it’s real
Just understand you’re not alone
Inhale the currents beating down your weathered skin